Day 4: On the road to the coast

It was a cloudy morning with rain forest showers. It was as if the volcano was sad to see us go…or more likely, the volcano was sad to see our wallets go. I think we’ve pumped enough money into this community to last the next 20 years! But alas, they are nice people and hard [...]

Day 3: Arenal - Hanging Bridges, Volcano Hike, but first.....

We awoke to the sound of the alarm on the Kindle but us having no morning itinerary truly challenged our motivation to get up and get going thus there was a first snooze, a second snooze, a third snooze….and then the idea of our free breakfast ended up being enough to jump start myself. During [...]

Day 2: Arenal - River trip

We slept fairly well….except Ella kept kicking off the sheets, leaving Misty and me shivering and scrambling for the covers. We got up early for an awesome breakfast of pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit, fresh juice, rice and beans, and great coffee. Our tour guide picked us up this morning to take us on a rafting [...]

Hola Costa Rica!

After a 2:30 am start this morning and a mad scramble to get our things together, we fought fatigue and made it to our 7:35 am flight where we foolishly took a hour nap and then let ourselves get sucked into movies and shows on the plane. We zombied off the plane, managed to find [...]

Disney World: Magic Kingdom - Day 2

Ella’s Roller Coaster Ride: Ella's First Roller Coaster Ride

Back at the hotel and we are absolutely worn out! The rest of the day fared out quite well. We hit our second wind and took Ella on her first roller coaster ride (she liked it, kind of scary, and didn’t have any interest of going again). [...]