IQ with a little bit of Clown

Earlier this month, Misty took the day off to stay home with Ella. I received this text message from Misty which made me crack up:

“your daughter has become quite resourceful. She took the chair, pushed it up to the kitchen cart, got the bubbles down, decided they needed to be cut open, got the scissors [...]


Again, it has been awhile since our last post, but our friend Emma offered up an encouraging message to publish an update so here is some stuff….

We are thankful for Ella’s day care for taking good care of her when we’re at work. We’re thankful for teaching her social and life skills. And we’re thankful [...]

Ella the Toddler

We shall begin this post in the same manner that we always do…it’s been a long time since our last post! Ella has grown up fast over the past three months. She really enjoys music now and hums songs all the time. She’s able to say words, explore places that she’s not supposed to go, [...]

Laughing Herself Silly

Here’s an older video from August that we forgot to post. Seems like Ella took a little sip from the crazy bottle again and laughed herself almost to the brink of what looks like puking…but then recovered nicely, albeit not gracefully.

Ella walks…!

…almost….not quite. But a very enthusiastic display of attempted balance!