Dim Sim Down Under

We are a couple of stuffed happy pigs! Melbourne has got some pretty darn good eatin’s! Today, we have a whole dining itinerary mapped out and have been sticking pretty close to it so far (plus some added bonuses such as some ice cream and chocolate — Mist’s impulsive purchases ;0 ) This morning, we [...]

Out of Port Doogie, On to Mel’s

Day 8: Mel-bunn (Sunday, your Saturday): Left Port Doogie this morning. Everything was A-OK until we got to the airport to check in. We booked ourselves, for our flight to Melbourne, on a discount airliner called Jetstar (it is owned by the big airliner Qantas and is pretty much like Southwest Airlines). Didn’t know that [...]

Port Dougie

Thursday (your Wednesday): Took a tour of the Daintree Rainforest. Our group consisted of David (our tour guide) and a very nice couple from Brisbane by the names of Brian and Barbara…it was our own personal tour of one of the oldest, if not the oldest, rainforests in the world. The Daintree contains more species of [...]

The Great Rare Beef – Day 4

Nothing exciting today. Mostly just a travel day. We got up, ate some free breakfast and jetted off to the airport. We’re now in Port Douglas which is north of Cairns (which is a 2 1/2 flight north of Sydney). We’ve come here to explore the Great Barrier Reef, but will also do some rainforest [...]

Sydney – Day 2/3

Forgot to mention that on our flight from New York to San Francisco, there was a fellow by the name of Dr. Drew standing in front of us waiting to board the plane. What a cheeky fellow.

Day 2: Since we last posted, we found the giant chessboard. Although it was big, it was definitely not [...]