The shower and beyond

The baby shower was fantastic! Pratikshya and Rebecca did an amazing job of coordinating and catering! Scrumptious and moist miniature cupcakes, Mark’s renowned decadent chocolate chip cookies, custom printed M&M candies that melt in your mouth and not in your hand and each piece declaring a message of warmth and embrace to Foodie (“Welcome Foodie!”), [...]

How much does that monkey weigh?

Ella has surpassed her birth weight of 3 lbs 9 oz! 3 lbs 11 oz was yesterday’s magic number!

UPDATE: 3 lbs 12 oz today

Foodie Status – Day #12

Ella’s feeding well and is increasing her dosage of momma’s milk every day which is a great sign that she’s progressing well. Along with this, we’re beginning to get a taste of the type of baby care that we’ll be encountering on a day to day basis. For example:

1. Holding and cuddling the sleeping baby [...]

Parental role models

Mist and I enjoyed a nice lunch outside of the hospital today. While riding the elevator back up to the NICU floor after lunch, Misty drank water from her water bottle while I decided to perform a goofy dance for the elevator cameras. Mist found my dance to be very entertaining and humorous causing her [...]

Foodie Update – Day 7 and Day 8

Happy Birthday to Foodie! One week old already and it’s hard to believe how much she has changed. She’s slowly regaining the weight she lost and now weighs 3 lb 6 oz. And her cheeks have filled out to full chipmunk size — we just can’t keep Steven’s hands off of them.

The past two [...]