Foodie Status – Day #6

Ella’s getting rock star treatment now that her chest tube is out. Shampoo treatment, body wash, a soak in nice warm water, followed by a nice swaddling and cuddling with Mom and Dad. This was the first time Ella was taken out of the incubator and given a full-on washing so she was a little [...]

Foodie Status – Day #5 and Must Sleep…

…too tired. Misty and I get to the hospital in the morning and don’t leave until late late night or early early morning so through the day, Misty and I find ourselves unintentionally falling asleep in the waiting room in the NICU. It’s kind of embarassing because other people filter in and out of the [...]

Wing King of Joplin

I give you the first place winner of the Emancipation Park Days Chicken Wing Cook-off!

Foodie Status – Day #4

In short, Foodie’s doing well. There are some lingering issues, but the neonatologists have a plan of action. She is no longer under the UV light which is great news for Misty and me because staring at her under that light was probably burning our retinas and diminishing our vision by at least a couple [...]

Foodie’s Official Name

Well they did it. The hospital kicked Misty out of her room. It certainly wasn’t forceful, but there definitely was some prodding. Not a big deal for us. Apparently, Labor and Delivery is really backed up and in desperate need of rooms and it would be a little evil to keep the bed occupied having [...]