Welcome Home Foodster

Monday of last week (August 18th), Foodie had her feeding tube removed. Tuesday, Foodie had a good feeding. Tuesday night, the nurses and doctors lay it on us…”ok, you guys comfortable for her to go home on Friday?” Wait…what?! You mean 3 days Friday?! Being passive people, we sheepishly and cautiously stammered out “well…umm…oooookay. I [...]

The Milk Bank

We no longer have room for frozen foods in our freezer. The space has been replaced with oodles and foodles of breast milk. Mist is a pumping machine and we are thankful for it, though we won’t be able to enjoy frozen waffles, ice cream, popsicles, Morningstar Garden burgers, Morningstar Veggie nuggets, etc. for what [...]

Shhh…do you see that?

The light at the end of the tunnel has flickered back on tonight! Today, we were greeted at the hospital with a wonderful sight. Ella was peacefully sleeping in her bassinet with no feeding tube protruding from either her mouth nor nostril! Our great doctors and nurses decided to develop a new plan of action [...]

Foodie, a.k.a. Ella-phant

What is it with Steven and his nicknames? Poor Foodie.

Funny Quips

1. We’ve gotten so used to Foodie’s size that normal sized babies (ie: full-term babies) look like abnormal baby giants. Their heads are huge!

2. For the past week, Mist has been battling a bit of a cold. She was absolutely devastated when she began showing symptoms of the bug as it meant that she would [...]