A more successful outing…

Today we managed to make it out by 6:30 pm, and what a beautiful fall day. I only wish we had made it out earlier. But, we did get to enjoy the evening sky. From Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, looking at the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan…you can see one of the famed waterfalls beneath [...]

Happy Due Date Day, Foodie!

Today was Foodie’s due date, so she is officially out of the womb, i.e. she’s 40 weeks gestation. What a better way to celebrate than to make a dessert! (really, I’m just craving brownies.) Of course, this would mean venturing outside the apartment, a seemingly easy task but one I have yet to undertake without [...]

Vaccination Time

So it’s been quite a long time since we’ve posted anything. Basically, we’ve been tending to Foodie’s development tasks of eating, diaper changing, sleeping, diaper changing, eating, sleeping, tummy time, etc. Calling it a tiring process is an understatement but admittedly, is all worth the effort. Today was Ella’s second doctor’s appointment and her first [...]