Update: Predictions from the Great Mysterio…

If you recall, Foodie had been predicted by the Great Mysterio to grow up to be a ‘Mafia Accountant.’ While she isn’t quite there in age, size, or braun yet, you can see she is definitely on her way…nah.

Happy Birthday, Foodie — You’re 4 months old! Oh wait, now you’re 5 months!

FYI: I have been working on this since Nov. 13!!! Only when I found a few free minutes during my day was I able to blog a little…so if some of this seems a bit incongruous, please forgive me.

As of Nov. 13, Foodie was 4 months old and my how she has grown. (Of course, [...]

Ella and the Amazing Technicolor Foodie Quilt!

Whoooa, it’s been a long time! Let’s start off with….This has been looooong overdue, but we have to thank a lot of people for the wonderful, custom quilt made especially for Foodie. It was coordinated by Apurva and Pratikshya and amazingly constructed by Pratikshya’s wonderful mother! The details of the quilt were hard to capture [...]