Carpet Poo

We bought a new rug. And then vacuumed it. The rug clogged the vacuum. This is what came out. Carpet Poo.

Brand New Carpet Poo

Welcome to our family!

We received a new and special international family member this past week. We had been patiently waiting and it finally happened. Presenting…….from the tranquil hills of Scandanavia…SVAN, Ella’s new high chair! Sponsored in part by Uncle Arthur, the SVAN will allow Ella to be fed in a more acceptable fashion as opposed to repurposing her [...]

Whew…13 lbs, 11 oz

Sorry, the postings have been dry. Uncle Arthur was itching for some Foodie progress. Tried to upload a video but it kept failing so perhaps this picture will suffice for now. Yes, we’re still doing the head thing…at least I am. It never gets old. What’s Ella been up to? Growing! From the growth charts, [...]

2008? Oh 2009.

Well the holidays have now past us and we’ve entered a new year. This holiday season, we enjoyed the company of both of our families coming up and spending time with us. It was a nice change of pace and Ella certainly had a great time. For Christmas, she was showered with a lot of [...]