Milestone!: Ella’s First Crawl / Ella’s First Streak

Title says it all!

DISCLAIMER: This video contains footage that may not be suitable for immature audiences.
translation: I don’t have a video editing program to blur out Ella’s little butt.

Milestone!: Stranger Anxiety

Ella has developed an awareness to unfamiliar environments and faces. Every night, before Ella goes to sleep, we teach her a new reason for why people with beards are not to be trusted and things to look out for when encountering people with facial hair. Ella has taken heed to our teachings and couldn’t control [...]

oh oh oh, escargot!

Remember that goofy snail that played the funny carnivalesque song as he moseyed along (see January 4th posting if not)? He moseyed along Foodie’s path one too many times and, on this day, much to close to the monster’s reach…