Shout Out Uncle Art

Seems like someone needs a new shirt…is there anyone in China that loves little Foodie?

…must stay awake…but sooooo sleepy…

Normally, when sleepiness befalls upon her, Foodie is pretty good at shaking it off and keeping her steam engine running. She may close her eyes and rest her head for a second, but then will pop her head up with eyes wide open. Not this time though, mwah ah ah ah ha! This is a [...]

It’s sooooo funny.

Part hysteria / part fatigue. Whatever it was, it made everything seem quite humorous to Ella.

Where have you been?

Oh it’s been so long! Foodie’s grown up a lot over the past month. She’s crawling all over the place and crawling to places she’s not supposed to go. Oh, and she’s been training for the world’s strongest baby. She’s just starting out so her regimen isn’t too intense…mostly just practicing her intimidation techniques. She [...]