Day 8: Homeward Bound

We made it the airport and are waiting to board the plane. It’s been a fun time but it will be good to be home too. We’re getting on the 11:45 am flight (mountain standard time which is the same time zone as Costa Rica) and we’ll be home tonight around 8:00 pm or so [...]

Day 7: La Paz Waterfalls / Peace Lodge

You may have noticed not much was posted on Day 6. That’s because it was a day of nothing but relaxation which means it consisted of breakfast, pool, walking around the resort, explore town of Quepos, pool, dinner, out for the night. It was much needed because our vacation started to get pretty tiring. That [...]

Day 6: Pool side UPDATE

The bee is ok…for now. When I picked up the glass to take a picture for its obituary, it started moving around so I think it’s just soaking up the tropical vibes! Well done bee!

Day 6: Pool side

A bee just drowned in Misty’s piƱa colada…literally. It struggled for some time to maneuver it’s way out but it’s no longer moving. Either it tired itself out and gave up the fight and died…or it’s really drunk and in an incompacitated state of confusion. Considering your location, bee, you lived the good life and [...]

Day 5: Manuel Antonio Park / Beach and those darned raccoons

If you clicked the link in my previous post, you can see how our morning began. There was the bright morning sun, the sounds of exotic animals, and a cranky Ella who had only one thing on her mind…swimming pool. Trouble started at breakfast where we were enjoying an elaborate spread of all-you-can-eat buffet of [...]