Huh? It’s almost over already?

Auugh. Now comes the time where the reality of another vacation coming to a close rings true. The last posting that will be made in the continent of Australia. Well, we’ve had a great couple of days since the last post. On Tuesday (your Monday), we rented a car and drove along the Great Ocean Road. It was great! It was indeed a road that ran along the ocean…with disparate parts running through hilly farmlands and parts of the Otway National Park from time to time. It was windy and curvy and pretty and neat. I drove us to from Melbourne to the beginning of the Ocean Road and then Mist took over from then on out. (MIST: Yes, Steven complained on our previous trip that I wasn’t a very good navigator/photographer, so he insisted that I drive while he took on those roles. However, his job seemed to just be photographer. Just before we switched, I had circled places on the map that were ‘must-sees’. When I started driving, I asked Steven if there were any interesting sites where we should turn off, he said, “I don’t know.” So I said, “where’s the map?” and he says, “in the door,” and I said, “well, navigator, get it out,” and he said, “it makes me sick to look at it. This road is too curvy.” He then proceeded to ’constructively’ criticize my driving the whole time.)  Heh heh. I do get car sick if I read in the car. AND let’s compare criticisms as it relates to whoever’s driving….well, first, I’d like to tell you that there is a natural rock formation off the ocean coast that is visited by many tourists called “The Twelve Apostles”. I’m not sure if Mist was paying homage to this wonderful existance of nature or not, but up until that point, from the time she started driving, she flipped the windshield wipers “12″ times in place of the turn signal! I was counting! (MIST: It’s not like he never did it.) I flipped the wipers “3″ times. And twice were on purpose just to make Mist feel better because I’m a great husband and care about my wife’s feelings. (MIST: Yeah, right.) Anyway, anyway, after a full day of driving along the coast, stopping in small lazy towns, and laughing at Mist turning on the wipers everytime she tried to flip the turn signal (other humorous events include Mist having a chocolate feast in the car. It was sooooo good and sooooo successful, that when we stopped off at one of several scenic points and she got out of the driver’s seat, I noticed chocolate was smushed into the car seat. Now, if chocolate is smushed into the car seat, that must mean….oh yes, right in the crack of her jeans on her butt was a nice smudge of chocolate that had been caked on for quite some time), we stopped off in a little oceanside town called Port Campbell to stay the night at a little ‘ol place called Sea Foam Villas which turned out to be quite nice. The lady gave us a deal too which made the stay even nicer! Next morning, we hit the road back to Melbourne. We started out really early and, in fact, noticed that we were the only car on the road for miles and miles. I was driving this time so Mist navigated. We took a little different route back and stopped at some amazing waterfalls. Then the little navigator took us through the backroads of the rainforest. Tiny, little, muddy, dirt, slippery, curvy, “100 foot dropoff 2 inches away from you” roads. The little navigator managed to keep us on this road for quite some time. We’re talking roads 10 times curvier and smaller than the ones going up to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri! What made it a little more “adventurous” (aka: freaky/scary) is that we didn’t see another car for the entire time we were on the road (about 30 long km)….which actually turned out to be a blessing because IF another car had been going the other way, I’m not quite certain both of us would have fit on the road. Well, we eventually got off it and onto a more travelled country farm road and all turned out well. Went back to Melbourne, had some terrible Indian food, rested up and flew to Sydney the next day (today)….

Flew to Sydney from Melbourne on Virgin Blue (awesome airline compared to Jetstar which, remember, is a pooey airline). Checked into our hotel and got settled. On the way back out, we were waiting for the elevator (19th floor), happened to look out the window and saw a guy in a rooftop pool a couple of buildings away from ours. He was in his Speedos and exposing his bum to his mates who were taking pictures of him. Not quite sure what that was all about but interesting nonetheless. We took a ferry boat to a little surf town called Manly and got some great photos of Sydney from the bay. Also explored a section of Sydney called NewTown (think a little SoHo, but less yuppy, more avant garde). Our internet time is running down so…..we had fun, and we’re looking forward to coming back home!

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