Shanghai – Days 4, 5, 6

Not much time. We’ve been on the go with no readily available internet access. In a nutshell, Shanghai is VERY populated. Way too many people. Our hotel turned out to be in a very local area which was interesting because as we walked the neighborhood, we got to see everyday Shanghai life….and the Shanghai people got to see a white girl. It was a win-win. Other than that, Shanghai is VERY polluted. The air was thick with smog. Shanghai started out good with nice visits to the Gardens and a visit to an area with lots of shopping and old chinese architecture. It was followed by a visit to a very touristy area called the Bund where Felicia’s digital camera got plucked out of her bag. She lost 500 pictures she took of Beijing and early parts of Shanghai. That incident left a bad taste of Shanghai for us. We managed to make the best of it and continued our visit to the Shanghai museum and the Urban Planning Museum. We also did some boutique shopping (well, I watched while Felicia and Mist shopped). To sum it up…Shanghai very big, too many people, very polluted air, people stare hard, very good pickpockets. On to Shenzhen to meet up with Art again.

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