Home Sweet Home Rocco!

Well it took us a really long time and it was literally down to the wire because the hospital was just waiting for us to turn in all of our documentation, but we finally took the last step and chose an official name for Rocco. It was months and months of deliberation and we thought we had landed on the name Marcus because it was a strong worthy name with an admirable meaning of “war-like” or “hammer”. When it came down to the final hour, Misty finally admitted that “meh, I don’t love it”.
I said, “what do you mean you don’t love it?”
Misty said “it’s ok. If you like it then we’ll go with Marcus.”
And I was dumbfounded! How could we give our child a name that would make Misty cringe a little every time she would say his name? So we went back through names and talked some more. We sought council from Felicia who also thought Marcus was a strong name (although she never admitted that she actually LIKED the name). Finally, after much discussion and after staring at Rocco pictures and saying names out loud, we finally landed on a name and I think it fits. Welcome home Grayson James Chiu!

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  • Felicia

    Hello Grayson! Don’t listen to stories that your dad makes up about your auntie Felicia related to your naming. Can’t wait to meet you and see your family in a few weeks!

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