Foodie Update – Day 7 and Day 8

Happy Birthday to Foodie! One week old already and it’s hard to believe how much she has changed. She’s slowly regaining the weight she lost and now weighs 3 lb 6 oz. And her cheeks have filled out to full chipmunk size — we just can’t keep Steven’s hands off of them.


The past two days we’ve had a lot of alone time with her and are quickly learning that yes, we are parents. From diaper changing to swaddling to bathing her, Foodie is getting the full spa treatment — probably only a 2-star spa at this point as she cries when Steven changes her diaper and my diaper fell off of her, but we’re getting there. Our only problem is that we can’t agree on who should get to hold her first or for how long, which then leads into Steven saying to Foodie, “It’s okay, Ella, Daddy will let Misty hold you for a while.” At this point, we go back and forth and start laughing so hard the nurses must begin to wonder if we’re really the parents and not the siblings. She doesn’t care, though…as long as she gets swaddled, she’s happy.


Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. It’s been rough at times, but we’re thankful that her progress has improved dramatically over the past week and our only hope is that she continues to do so.

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