Foodie Status – Day #12

Ella’s feeding well and is increasing her dosage of momma’s milk every day which is a great sign that she’s progressing well. Along with this, we’re beginning to get a taste of the type of baby care that we’ll be encountering on a day to day basis. For example:

1. Holding and cuddling the sleeping baby while a not so pleasant odor emanates from the exact location which is cradled by your arm. Do you change the diaper and risk waking the baby up? Nah, you’re crazy. Just suffer through the smell or breathe through your mouth.
2. Hunger cries / Soiled butt cries / “You woke me up and now I’m cranky” cries. So far we’ve been able to tackle these by feeding her, changing her, and swaddling her…but I know there are a multitude of other triggers, as well as combinations of these triggers, that are lurking around the corner.
3. Lulling the baby to a deep slumber and then gently carrying the baby to her bed…ever so gently so she doesn’t wake up…light, soft touches and slow movements…baby is in her bed…and thennnnn……her eyes open. She’s awake.

We’ve been learning a lot and yet have a lot to learn, but I’m confident that we will get there soon…wherever “there” is…

Foodie Peeking

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