The shower and beyond

The baby shower was fantastic! Pratikshya and Rebecca did an amazing job of coordinating and catering! Scrumptious and moist miniature cupcakes, Mark’s renowned decadent chocolate chip cookies, custom printed M&M candies that melt in your mouth and not in your hand and each piece declaring a message of warmth and embrace to Foodie (“Welcome Foodie!”), delectable chutney finger sandwiches, fresh organic fruit from “The Food Coop” in Park Slope Brooklyn (where Apurva and Pratikshya are humorously notorious for their delinquincies in their membership obligations…check the Coop website to see how it works, and so much more. The best part of it all was being able to hang out with friends and family again, something that we haven’t been able to do in a very long time, and being able to have in-depth, analytical discussions about issues of today such as the new Star Trek movie that will be coming out and how the cast compares to the original Star Trek series (which only aired for 3 seasons before getting cancelled). Our advanced debates on submarines provided me with new skills that I won’t be able to use at work, but will prove useful in future submarine discussions. One interesting discovery we uncovered that is worth pointing out is Apurva’s inability to formulate an image of a luxury submarine within his own mind. Being a scientist specializing in genomics, he is, however, able to picture pieces of code and DNA sequences. Perhaps if we had helped him take those nucleotides and bent them into the shape of a submarine and then used pieces of code to build luxury quarters within the nucleotide submarine, he could have succeeded. Anyway, thank you Rebecca, Pratikshya, and Rebecca’s mom for taking the time (and money!) to put the wonderful event together! Thanks Apurva and Mark for helping your spouses!

We’ve been receiving gifts from many, many people and we want to tell you that we truly, truly appreciate your generosity! Given our situation, your gifts have certainly helped us both from a financial aspect and a time aspect. Perhaps the greatest gifts of all came from your words of support and encouragement when we needed them most. For that, our appreciation goes beyond simple words of gratitude.

Check out these M&Ms!
Custom M&Ms

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