Big Sister, Little Brother

The first of many Big Sister, Little Brother pictures to come…

So tired!

We are all so tired here after a night of 1 hour naps but regardless, it was a wonderful first night with Rocco. Ella was extremely disappointed that she couldn’t come to see him last night but she’ll most definitely get to today! Rocco is going to get smothered with love from ella and Nai Nai (grandma). He doesn’t even know what’s coming! For now, he’s getting his rest.


Why hello my little man!

10 fingers, 10 toes, 7 lbs 2 oz , 19 inches and a ripe pink rump! Hello Rocco!


We’re next!

Not sure how much longer but we are next!

Third in line

Ok, we’re on the boards. Mist is hooked up to the monitor. Rocco’s heartbeat is around 138. There’s two c-sections ahead of us and then we’re up!